Nate's 1978 Suzuki GS750

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Updated 11-18-00


  • Purchased: Found abandoned at a friends apartment: January 1999
  • Location: Boulder, CO
  • Registered: not yet, but soon
  • Story: The owner of the apartment building where it was abandoned gave it to me for free. I took it home and discovered the engine would not turn over. I pulled the engine out, and took it apart, and found it was completly siezed up. I then bought an engine and frame off the internet, and swapped all the pieces to the new frame. It still didn't work, so I bought a new ignition system and coils, and was able to start it up. The carbs were pretty dirty, so I bought a carb repair kit from Suzuki, pulled the carbs apart, cleaned them and put the new pieces in. It sounds easy, but all this has taken me almost 2 years so far (yeah, I know, I'm slow), and it's still not running well.

Known Modifications

  • Dyna S digital igniton
  • Dyna coils
  • NGK spark plugs and wires
  • Continental Blitz tires front/back
  • I dont think the seat is stock, but its the one that was on there when i got it.
  • All the standard stuff: new air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, and gas tank anti-rust coating.

Future Modifications

  • K&N performance jet kit
  • K&N air filters
  • MAC 4-2 Megaphone exhaust system
  • Progressive shocks (rear)
  • New brake discs/pad
  • New seat (bench style)
  • New speedometer (it doesn't work, plus, it only goes up to 80 mph)
  • Eventually I'm going to pull everything apart, sandblast the frame, powdercoat it, and paint all the pieces.
  • New stator/rectifier


  • Well, it needs a tuneup, and quite a bit of work still, but when it is running, it goes fast. I wish my speedometer worked, so i could see how just fast it can go.
  • I'll keep updating this page and adding pics as i go along.


  • GS Resources

    - Great site! It's where I've gotten almost all the information and help I've needed on getting this thing running. It could use some design help, but the info it has is really helpful.

  • Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse

    - This is where I bought most of the parts. Again, needs some design work, but its got everything you need.

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