Nate's 1965 Ford Mustang

Updated 06-20-01


  • Purchased: January 9th, 2001
  • Location: Boulder, CO

Factory Options

  • 289 cid V-8
  • 3-speed manual transmission

Known Modifications

  • CD player + rear speakers
  • Crager wheels (235/60 R 14)
  • New exhaust system (dual 2 1/2" - dunno what mufflers)

Modifications I've Made

Note: As soon as I get a camera, I'm going to start taking pictures as I do the mods, and then put them up on a page with some notes. Who knows, maybe they'll help somebody...
  • New rear suspension (4 1/2 leaf Magna springs, Magna gas shocks)
  • seatbelts (very important)
  • new steering wheel & horn assembly
  • Pertronix electronic ignition & Flamethower coil
  • New brakes (front & rear - new drums, pads, wheel cylinders, hardware, etc..)

Future Modifications (in roughly the order I want to do them in)

  • new wheels/tires - one of the Torque Thrust styles probably, and i dont yet know what size...
  • new steering box (probably Total Control rack & pinion set (maybe a TC power setup, and maybe just rebuild the current steering box)
  • front suspension (springs/shocks/sway bar (I have all the parts, i just havnt put them in yet..))
  • rear sway bar (i've got this too.. big package deal from Mustangs Plus)
  • dual speed windshield wiper motor
  • wiper fluid pump/assembly
  • Bodywork/paint job
  • power disc brakes (front & rear)
  • air conditioning
  • 5-speed manual transmission - Tremec 3550 maybe (not for awhile)
  • X-pipe exhaust
  • Edelbrock Performer Package: Carb, Intake Manifold, Heads, Camshaft, Timing Chain, etc.. (I don't know if I want to do this, and build up the 289, or if I just wanna get a bigger engine first.. decisions, decisions, decisions..)
  • 302 or 351 cid V-8 (maybe... heh.. while I'm dreaming, how about a twin turbo setup, or a supercharger... :-P)


  • This car was bone stock, no options at all. I think whoever bought this car originally was a poor college student. It has a big engine, but the small carb, a 3-speed manual transmission, no power steering, no power brakes, no air conditioning, no passenger side mirror, no seatbelts, not even the day/night adjustable rearview mirror.
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